December 8, 2023
Famous mma fighters male

The Famous Fighters Male is the first book of it’s kind written by a female about men who compete in mixed martial arts. It takes a look into the lives of the fighters and shares their stories lainedmn.

The Famous mma fighters male blog contains articles on the different MMA fighters who have fought on various UFC cards.

You can read posts about what they do, how they fight, and why they are so great.

This is a fan site about MMA fighters, mainly focusing on the best fighters who are in the sport right now. I will try my best to cover as many fighters as I can to keep this page updated regularly. This includes fighters from all around the world such as Russia, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil etc.


He is the former UFC Middleweight Champion and the current Light Heavyweight Champion in UFC. Anderson Silva is also the former Pride Fighting Championships Welterweight Champion. His nickname is “The Spider” and he

Anderson Silva is a mixed martial arts fighter who fights for the UFC and won the UFC Middleweight Championship in 2007.

His nickname is “Spider” due to his skill in fighting and acrobatic movements. He started competing at age 11 and is also the most experienced fighter in UFC history of lainedmn.

He is also the former UFC Welterweight Champion and the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.


Khabib is a Dagestani descendant of the Nuri tribe and has Turkish citizenship through his mother. He also holds a Russian passport. Nurmagomedov started training as a boxer and wrest

Khabib Nurmagomedov, the current UFC lightweight champion, is a young and promising fighter, who already has a lot of experience in fighting. He has won the world title of the UFC twice, first as a lightweight in November 2014, and second as a light heavyweight in December 2016. He holds notable victories over current champions Conor McGregor, Eddie Alvarez, and Justin Gaethje.


Welcome to Daniel Cormier’s official blog! Here you’ll find exclusive photos, video footage, and training programs from the man himself. Daniel is one of the best light heavyweights in the world today, and he’d like to share his techniques with you!

DANIEL CORMIER has been a dominant force at the top level of Mixed Martial Arts for over a decade. He has won every MMA organization’s championship title since 2001, including UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz’s Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight Title in 2001. He holds victories over many of MMA’s greatest fighters, including Ken Shamrock, Chuck Lidd

This is the blog about Daniel Cormier’s life and his career. We will give you updates on his upcoming fights and we will also give you interviews with him, so keep visiting this blog regularly.


The Stipe Miocic – UFC Heavyweight Champ was born on May 26, 1987. He is from Chicago and lives in Las Vegas. At the age of 15 he joined the Team Blackzilians and became a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. In 2007 he won the World Jiu Jitsu Championship, in 2009 he was crowned the World Champion. He also won the lainedmn

Stipe Miocic is a professional heavyweight boxer who is signed with the UFC. He is also a graduate from Cleveland State University where he majored in physical education.

A few years ago, Stipe Miocic became a world champion for the first time in the history of the UFC. He has a story full of ups and downs, but it’s also the story of a fighter who refuses to give up.


Emelianenko is one of the most popular mixed martial artist in Russia. He was born in a small town named Ulan-Ude in southern Russia in 1976. He started training in judo at age four and won a gold medal in the 2000 Junior World Judo Championships. As a child he was an excellent chess player and was very fond of reading books.


A Russian professional mixed martial artist who competes in the light heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), also known as UFC, since 2009. He is currently ranked #10 in the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings, after being #9 in the world after his first title defense against Rashad Evans on May 15, 2012. The bout was considered one of


Demetrious Johnson, the WBC Bantamweight champion has fought 30 professional bouts so far and won 30 times. He is a very good fighter with an excellent boxing skills and technique. He is also very strong. He was born in California in 1982. Demetrious Johnson fights under World Class Mixed Martial Arts Association. In the beginning he fought in amateur kickboxing tournaments

Demetrious Johnson is a UFC Fighter who has won his last 4 fights. He has been undefeated in the UFC since 2010. He was born on April 30th, 1990, in the United States of America. He is the youngest of four brothers. Johnson grew up in the Bay Area.

DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON (30-4-1) is a retired MMA fighter. He fought for the UFC and Bellator in his career. Now he coaches at RIZIN and fights as a professional kickboxer under the name of RIZIN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.


Famous MMA Fighters Male – Our site is the most comprehensive list of well-known and up-and-coming MMA fighters in the world.


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