September 27, 2023
Personal Injury Cases

Did you know that Personal Injury Cases and deaths from bicycle accidents cost over $23 billion each year? If you’ve been injured in a bicycle, car, or another type of accident, you may negin behazin vs dignity health need help covering the cost. And you may be able to get that financial help with the right legal representation.

Read on to learn about the different types of personal injury cases!

Workplace Injury Situations

You may be surprised to learn that your workplace can lead to injuries that merit legal action. For instance, you may endure injuries due to falling equipment or an explosion. If you drive heavy equipment, you could get into a collision with another vehicle.

In many of these scenarios, you might not be at fault for the injury. When a workplace is negligent about training employees or making essential equipment updates, you could face the fallout. Often, this is because workplace leadership hasn’t done its part to maintain a safe environment.

Those leaders should be held responsible for their inaction. A personal injury lawyer can walk you through the steps to gain financial compensation. After all, you likely will face medical bills and emotional trauma. 

Auto Accidents

Car accidents often result in the need to pursue hiring a lawyer. You’ll want someone experienced with negotiating insurance settlements if your car is damaged. Likewise, you may want help securing a settlement to cover medical expenses if you were not at fault.

Along the same lines, motorcyclists will want the best motorcycle accident lawyer they can find. Accidents caused by drunk drivers or reckless driving, which can include speeding, may lead to personal injuries.

A good attorney will know how to advocate for your case and work with judges and opposing attorneys. Your best bet is to go with an attorney experienced in handling car or motorcycle accidents. 

Dog Bite Cases

Did you get injured by a dog while out on your evening walk? Dog bite injuries can be painful and traumatic. You can end up with nerve damage, facial injuries, and permanent scarring. 

If you did nothing to provoke the dog, you may be feeling like the dog owner should face charges. Depending on where you live, this can be true. Some states will hold an owner liable, regardless of whether the dog has a track record of biting or behaving aggressively. 

You’ll want to check with an attorney in your area to understand the local dog bite laws. In some cases, an initial dog bite is enough to hold the owner responsible for damages. Your best bet is to have a witness who saw the situation unfold. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

When the weather is snowy or icy, the risk of slipping and falling goes up. In some locations, property owners can face penalties if they fail to keep their property safe for people walking on it. In other words, they must take the time to shovel snow and treat the pavement.

In addition, broken railings or uneven pavement can lead to falls. And those falls can translate into expensive medical bills to cover the costs of a broken leg or knee.

If you slip and fall because a property owner failed to do necessary upkeep, you may be entitled to compensation. It’s worth pursuing legal action to help cover your financial needs. And you’ll help ensure that the property owner makes the needed changes to create a safer environment. 

Bicycle Accidents

Riding your bike should be a relaxing experience. And it’s a more eco-friendly and healthy way to get to work or run errands. But when you’re out on the main roads, it’s easy to fall victim to bad drivers around you. 

Bicycle accidents are another common form of personal injury case. If a car sideswipes you or rear-ends you, you could face massive injuries. Skeletal fractures, lung injuries, and brain injuries are all possibilities. 

Medical Malpractice Incidents

In a medical malpractice incident, you may suffer injuries because of incorrect treatment or a medical error. If the medical professional overseeing your health issue makes a mistake, you can pay a steep price. 

Medical malpractice incidents can include mistakes made during surgeries. They also can include problems arising from using the wrong medication to treat a health issue. And in some instances, a doctor’s failure to offer treatment can cause an injury or health problem. 

In any of these instances, you’ll want to pursue legal action. This can help make sure you get the money to cover financial and emotional challenges resulting from the malpractice. 

Product Liability Cases

If you’ve sustained an injury on account of a product, you may have a personal injury case on your hands. Defective products can cause injuries to you — as well as thousands of other people using the products, too. 

For instance, your car may have a malfunctioning part that has led to increased crashes and injuries. Perhaps a common household product contains a dangerous chemical that leads to respiratory problems — or worse.

When defective products affect more people, you stand to benefit financially. A lawsuit may result in a payout that impacts many people who used that particular product. 

Understand the Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

When you are aware of the different types of personal injury cases, you’ll know if you should seek out attorney services. Auto and bicycle accidents, dog bites, and workplace injuries are good examples of situations where legal assistance can help. In addition, you may want to pursue a personal injury settlement due to medical malpractice or product problems. 

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