September 25, 2023
craigslist pensacola

As many of you may have noticed, Craigslist Pensacola has become a hotbed for scams lately. This is because Craigslist Pensacola’s posting platform is very open. Anyone can post anything for sale or anything wanted to be sold on Craigslist Pensacola.

Craigslist has been known to be one of the most used websites for selling items and getting things for free, but it’s not always what it seems. You may think the person who wants to sell you something or give you some money is legit, but if they ask for too much money or make you do something illegal, you are better off saying no. The people who

In the world of money scams, we have georgis nikolos the common fake check scam, where a person sends a fake check to your home. This is typically done by someone who wants to rob you.

We also have the “my friend sent me money scam”, where they get money to your home from a family member, or friend of a friend.

1. Electronics Bait and Switch

This site is dedicated to the latest scams that can happen in the Pensacola, FL area and around the country. It is a resource for anyone looking to protect themselves from these scams.

Electronics bait and switch scams are one of the most common scams on Craigslist Pensacola. It’s important to be aware of these types of scams to protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

Electronics scams are nothing new, but the current trend of people who buy electronics items and then resell them for profit has changed the way these scams work. Now the scammer is often a stranger who purchases the item from you and then tries to sell it for much less than what you paid. If you want to avoid getting scammed, here are some signs of an

2. The Rental Home Scam

The rental scam has become one of the most pervasive scams in America. It’s easy to fall victim and often times you never know who you are dealing with until it’s too late. There are many signs to look out for and ways to protect yourself.

The rental home scam is very prevalent in the area of Pensacola. It’s a scheme where people rent properties out at a higher price than what they paid for the property. This is done with the help of a fake landlord. When renters come to view the property they are not allowed to make offers until after viewing the property. After viewing the property, the

We are all aware that the rental market in the United States is quite competitive. This is why we have seen many scams that target potential renters. In fact, most people do not realize that it is a scam until they have applied to at least one rental property.

3. New Dog Old Tricks

This scam has been circulating for months now, and I have reported it several times to the Better Business Bureau, but no one has acted upon my complaint. It’s been spreading by word-of-mouth,negin behazin and I want to try and stop this scam once and for all.

We found that one of our New Dog Old Tricks Scams to Watch Out For are now going up on Craigslist Pensacola. Make sure you check these scams out!

We’ve all heard the stories about dogs who scam their owners, but this New Dog Old Tricks scam is one we don’t see very often. This scam has made its way around Craigslist Pensacola and it starts out innocently enough. A couple posts an ad asking for someone to watch their dog while they go on vacation for a few weeks.

4. The Fake Check Rouse

In this post, we’re going to discuss The Fake Check Rouse Scam To Watch Out For on Craigslist Pensacola. This scam is very effective and could cost you a lot of money if you don’t know how to avoid it.

In Florida, a scammers posing as a real estate agent are trying to steal money from people who they’re pretending to buy or sell property. This fake agent will ask the victim for money up front so that the victim can supposedly pay for an inspection. Once the scammer has the victim’s money, he will claim that the property has some sort of

The Fake Check Rouse Scam to Watch Out For on Craigslist Pensacola is a scam to get money from people. The scammers send a fake check or a text saying that they have a big problem and need a large sum of money. They ask for the person’s bank account information to transfer money. Don’t fall for this scam!

5. The PayPal Con

Have you been getting emails from “PayPal” trying to scam you into giving them your credit card information? You should know the real identity of this PayPal scammers. Read more to learn more about how to spot a PayPal scam, and what to do if you are being scammed.

The PayPal scam has been around for a while now and is getting worse as time goes on. This scammer usually sends out an email to individuals offering free PayPal accounts in exchange for your personal information (ID/credit card). Unfortunately, the scammers are starting to use Craigslist Pensacola to get away with this scam.

Here’s the latest scammers’ latest scam, called the “PayPal Con.” The scammers are using fake Paypal accounts to steal money from victims through email. This scam has been happening since 2010, but only recently have local residents reported that they’ve received suspicious emails about it.


In this blog post, I will show you some Conclusion scams to watch out for on Craigslist Pensacola.

We have noticed some scam listings that are going around Craigslist Pensacola. People are posting items, then notifying the buyer when they respond to their ad, that they can deliver the item in exchange for money. This is a scam! We recommend that you do not send any money to anyone who contacts you.

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